Monday, March 12, 2007

Short Hair!

I recently chopped off my hair.

I liked having long hair but it was always getting caught in things and I often times didn't comb it because it was very time-consuming. Then it would get knotted and dredlocky and a big pain. Also, when it was hot out, my neck would get kind of sweaty. And sometimes when I'd go to bed I'd find strange debris in it, like earrings I wore the week before or dried up jam.

Look, I know guys dig long hair. My dad and brother have always vehemently shared that opinion. Even if it's kind of ratty and trailer-y looking, for whatever reasons guys just kind of like long strands of material surrounding a girls face. Weird.

And I *did* like it sometimes. I liked how it felt draping on my back when I wore a halter dress, and I liked how it felt when boys would tug on it (I really liked that). But my new short hair is universally loved more, especially by lazy old me.

Because it was drastic, and i wanted a bob, I went to the masters of the bob, the folks at John Freida on Melrose. I went to John Frieda because Sally Hershberger is based there, the fancy stylist who invented Meg Ryan's piecy kick-ass bob from the terrible movie "Addicted To Love". Check it:

Leland cut my hair, he's awesome and a total babe in a Michael Stipe kind of way. He has since left but Amber still works there and touches it up. They are both incredibly cool. Amber has a sleeve of tattoos and lives in Echo Park, so...yeah, I'm kind of totally set for life.

Anyway, here are the before and afters:



I like the short hair. It's flirtier and has more volume than it ever did. Good for spring and summer. Boys will have to just like me for my personality for once.

Price: around $150 (but worth it if you are going to get something major done, like I did, and cheaper for upkeep snips later on).

8440 Melrose Place
West Hollywood, CA 90069-5308
(323) 653-4040


Blogger Will said...

I like the long hair better!

7:15 AM  
Blogger mindy ephron said...

I hate you so much.

7:01 PM  

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