Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Conair Deluxe Handheld Steamer

Occasionally I'll make a purchase and it'll be so totally awesome I actually think this website is doing something really good for people. When I post about brownies and stationery and shit I know I'm generally not helping anyone except a small handful of girls in New York or Los Angeles who are trying to fill an abyss of terrifying emptiness.

Too self-aware? Kind of being a drag? Okay, yes. You're right. Onto the goods:

The Conair Deluxe Handheld Steamer, you guys.

I'm usually pretty good about not getting ketchup and deodorant and stuff on fancy clothing. I'm slobby but if I spent a lot of money on a nice article of clothing, I try to keep it unsoiled so I don't have to dry clean it after only one or two uses. But what I do constantly is get my clothes wrinkly. It's the worst. For the longest time I swore off satin and silks of the more delicate variety because the wrinkles were just too annoying. Furthermore, I'd always just send them off to be dry cleaned - totally expensive by the way - because I knew they would steam the wrinkles out.

Well, no more.

The Conair Handheld Steamer is the answer to these wrinkle problems. So easy to use! You'll never have that fear like, oh god, I'm gonna ruin this nice blouse by dumping water all over it or whatever. It's awesome. I'm leaving for New York tomorrow and wasn't going to bring my favorite yellow silk BeBe dress (yeah, I shop at bebe sometimes. Me and a bunch of 14 year old girls, and young Persian moms!)...

...but thanks to my little steamer, I can totally throw the dress in my carry-on, let it get all wrinkly and gross, then steam the shit out of it in New York, put on jeans, lip gloss, my tunic, some heels, and be at Da Silvano... like 20 minutes. Drunk in 35! Yaaaayy!!!

Price: $34.95

dress: $139,

Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Thank You Gifts

I've received some pretty great thank you gifts in my day. I'm like this hugely altruistic person and so people are always getting me things to show their appreciation.

Here are some of the best ones I've gotten, plus some pretty cool ones I've given.

1. Sadly, most fancy alcohol gifts are wasted on me. I went to Dartmouth, so I kind of only know how to drink until I am totally drunk and screaming "whoo!". My palate matured slightly because I now also enjoy the taste of cold Boones. Basically a Shirley Temple with gin in it is as good to me as like, Johnny Walker Platinum or whatever fancy thing you get me.

But food gifts are fantastic and super appreciated. When I received this four pack of caramel apples I nearly lost my mind with happiness.

Caramel Apple 4 Pack Sampler. Pecan, M&M, Oreo and Reese's. These are better than cookies or chocolate because they are fruit-based and thus your recipient can still operate under the pretense that they aren't being disgusting when they devour these delicious fuckers in half an hour.

Price: $15.96 at

2. The MUJI Assorted Color Pen

This might just be because I am a writer, but this pen was one of the most helpful and unusual gifts I've ever received.

A broke ex-boyfriend gave this to me so I could edit my hard copies of scripts in different colors. Sort of the manual equivalent of the script-change function on Final Draft. (Oh my god. Final Draft was mentioned in my Fun Blog People Like to Read. Ugh. Sorry, guys). But anyway. Great little gift for writers. You save so much paper, and your scripts look like bad-ass rainbow-filled works of art.

Price: $8 at

3. I like looking at cut flowers at people's houses and in doctor's offices and stuff, but when someone gives them to me, I'm like jesus christ, now what? Unless the flowers are like, in a vase already, I'm at a loss. And even if they're in a vase, I secretly kind of hate the fact that in a few days, I have to like, throw them out, have to wash and clean out weird gooky water that smells bad, and petals to pick up.

The first season of the Office, an ex-boyfriend (a lot of boyfriends, I know. Get used to it.) sent me roses at work and they stayed on my desk for weeks until the smell of rotting organic matter got so bad Michael Schur threw them away and like screamed at me. This was, by the way, when Paul, Mike, Ben-Jo and I all shared one office and there were only three computers, and our shared office was the size of a handicapped bathroom stall. First season was tough, man. Remember "Hot Girl"? No? See!

Wait, what the fuck am I talking about.

Oh! Orchids!

Give people orchids you guys. They come in pots already and need basically no care, they smell good and last forever. Also, aesthetically, I think they're so classy and elegant, and your eye appreciates their beauty and color more because there's less to look at.

Price: These Red Sky Orchids in a basket are: $59.99 at

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Summer is all about frocks. Those of us cursed with small breasts can take considerable solace in the fact that we can totally just wear no bra, a thong, and a frock thrown over our heads post-shower. So easy to be cute in the summer!

What is a frock? It's a flirty, casual, machine-washable dress that you can throw on and wear with flip flops and be adorable. I would even argue a frock should not have to be ironed, though that might be pushing the limits of laziness.

Great frocks don't cost a lot either. I found some incredibly great ones, you guys. Check it:

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Camille color block dress

Are we women or lost little schoolgirls? I don't know, you guys. Per usual, Marc Jacobs wants to infantilize us ladies in the hottest fucking way possible.

$158, on sale!

2. Lux Striped Keyhole Dress

Did you just finish having sex in the middle of the afternoon? The idea of pulling on your tight little Frankie b's making you cringe? Here's the solution, courtesy of our friends at Lux:

$29.99 (on sale, only online) at

3. This dress and color looks good on everyone, I swear, you guys.

Michael Stars Sleeveless V-Neck Tunic Dress in Valley. Made from yummy modal and supima, this dress can be dressed up with strappy heels and a long chain or dressed down in flip flops for a bbq. The saturated Michael Stars colors makes it totally unforgettable. Also, the price. $61 (omg? omfg? yeah, omfg).

4. For oohs and aaahs and how-much-did-that-cost-you-I-bet-it-cost-a-lot looks, this fucking adorable little frock from J.Crew has me super sprung.

Solid cotton jumper dress. light raspberry: $150,

5. Need a little black frock?

Necessary Objects, $58,

Biolage Sunsorials

Want shiny sweet-smelling summer hair, even if you have gnarled dread-prone tangles?

My hair is wavy naturally. I've never actually worn it wavy, it looks weird. (It's not thick Rebecca Gayheart hair, it's like crimpy or something, like Tempest Bledsoe). The waviness, if not combed out, becomes dread-lock central. On the show they flat-iron with a Chi (miracle product, have I blogged about them yet?) and that can dry my hair out.

I switch shampoos about three times a year. Like most cosmetic products, even the best, awesomest ones need to be switched out because your body is like "Aha, I know this product, I'm going to be really uncooperative and adjust so it doesn't work anymore. Deal with that, Mindy." Shitty body!

But my new favorite is Biolage Sunsorials.

I got Sunsorials as a gift from an upfronts press thing, and only started using it because it smelled like bottled summer. But it made my hair feel incredible! It's supposed to be for post-swim or post-sunning, but I just use it when I've been around outside in the summer and it just pulls all the sweat out of my hair but not in a overly-clean antiseptic way.

The conditioner is actually called "Sun Repair" and even though it's in a tub (ugh, everything should just be a bottle, argh), it's completely awesome and makes your hair silk strands if you leave it in for about a minute.

Matrix Biolage Sunsorials After Sun Shampoo 8.5 oz: $8.96
Matrix Biolage Sunsorials Sun Repair Treatment 5.1 oz: $12.56

(both are on slight sale at the Goddess Within. Don't get too excited, it's like 5%.)

Good for: Girls AND Boys. Biolage is one of the most unpretentious, least foo-foo of the "fancy" brands, and certainly one of the cheapest. Guys can barely get away with using Bumble & Bumble, it doesn't make them look femmey, like say, using Bedhead products.