Monday, January 21, 2008

All Things Peppermint

Sometimes I will have guest bloggers. Usually they are good-looking acquaintances. Dave Waghalter meets both criteria, plus he likes candy, so extra cute. Let's hear what he has to say.*

*David sent me this before my month-long holiday sabbatical. This is a timely piece, posted late by vacationing, derelict me. Take it away, David!


I like candy canes.

Especially when they're crushed to bits and swirled into other sugared-up treats. Candy Canes Joe-Joes are the latest example of this sublime December trend. Joe-Joe's are Trader Joe's answer to Oreo cookies - but without the death-hastening high-fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. They are delicious and come in a variety of flavors - chocolate, vanilla, ginger... and now, Candy Cane. What you got is a regular chocolate cookie sandwich, with pulverized peppermint candy mixed into the creamy vanilla middle. It is chocolately delicious and mintily refreshing.

To up the mint ante, take a box into your local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf establishment and order a Peppermint Ice Blended. You can choose vanilla or mocha base (we purists stick with the vanilla), which tastes great even when you ask for the "light" version. If you go early in the morning where temperatures can approach freezing even in Southern California, you might want to go with the latte version
(careful - the delicious beverage you are about to enjoy is very hot!).

For those of you unfortunate rabble who live near neither Trader Joe's nor Coffee Bean, why not jazz up your favorite mug of hot cocoa with a splash of Peppermint Schnapps? And your local grocery store is sure to carry Ghiradelli's Peppermint Squares and/or Peppermint Bark Bars. No matter where you live, there is plenty of sweet peppermint goodness to go around this time of year.

Candy Cane Joe-Joes $2.99
Peppermint Ice Blended $4.50
Peppermint Schnapps $10.99
Peppermint Squares (bag) $8.99
Peppermint Bark Bar $2.99


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