Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hue by Tracy Reese

One problem with winter is that all your cute tiny going-out dresses seem ridiculously unwearable. I have a closet full of mini dresses that are perfect for the winter season (deep reds and metallics and velvets) but it's too cold, man! Even in Los Angeles.

I am going to New York for the week of Valentines Day, and I hear it's a mausoleum of ice and wind. I'm terrified.How am I going to wear my adorable little Nave dress and walk down Grand Avenue?

Those cruel Brooklyn hipsters will make fun of me for shivering. And what if the wind knocks my skirt up? Unlike Carrie Bradshaw, I won't be wearing Jeffersonian pink knickers. Probably I'll be wearing brown Target super-panties, which are great in their own way but dreadful to look at.

The answer (did any of you actually think I didn't have an answer?) is Hue by Tracy Reese tights.

Tracy Reese is my favorite designer now.

Her clothes are ultra feminine and playful, the kind of clothes that make you want to make sure to get a mani-pedi. These are some of her clothes from last season.

Tracy Reese paired up with the venerable stocking company Hue to make some absolutely awesome tights this year. They are so wearable and so inexpensive (compare to $50 and up Wolford tights), you should go out and buy a bunch and treasure them for when they inevitably discontinue this line.

Just look at them. Drama!! (Cue "Legs" by ZZ Top.)

Good for: Women with gams in cold climates. A perfect stocking stuffer for next Christmas.

Price: $17 (on sale) at nordstrom.com


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