Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Posso Spat

So much of why dressing up is fun is embellishing boring old basics I own so I'm excited about them again. I believe this is the main psychological thrust behind "The Bedazzler", which transforms anything by covering it in rhinestones (and for the record, I would have KILLED for as a child). It's also why I would turn cashmere socks into arm warmers.

I'm like a lot of girls; I admire craftsy do-it-yourself couture. It's like that girl in the unconventional cool dress at the party and you ask: "Oh my god, I love that dress! Who designed it?" And she - with faint smugness - responds "Oh, I made this, actually." I totally hate and am jealous of that awesome girl!!!

Certain things I blog about will be controversial. I recall a pair of gold polka-dotted panties I raved about that Danny disliked. The Posso Spat is bound to be one of those controversial blog entries. Guys probably will think these are strange, but as I blogged about earlier this week, guys can be too timid about foot fanciness. Screw 'em!

Spats you guys. Check it out:

I love these. At first you think: "What interesting shoes that girl is wearing." And then you realize the tops are detachable fashion pieces and you're like "Whoa, where is this girl from that she can get these fucking strange accesories?!".

I mean, this is a straight up doo-hickey. Isn't it? I love them so much. They can be worn over any type of heel and make it look like a completely different kind of shoe.

And they're on sale now for $61 at, which is quickly becoming my favorite online boutique because of their sick sales and awesome customer feedback section.

For: Awesome girls who like slightly weird fashion-y things.

Price: $61


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