Tuesday, April 08, 2008

London Sole

I love heels. Of course I do. I've gone on ad nauseum about the many charms of Christian Louboutins.

I admire those girls who sprint across the main floor of Penn Station in their skyscraper heels. It's like a charming tampon commercial about modern women making it in the big city. What's not to like?

But heels (and this is not profound) usually hurt like HELL. Either your toes are crumpled into a ball or your heel gets those gross and painful jellyfish-looking blisters. Yeeuck. Also they constantly get caught in grates when you walk down the street (I once got both of my stiletto heels caught in a grate outside of Sardi's while I running to a matinee of "Take Me Out". (If you think I am going to resist punning that my heels nearly "Took Me Out", you are sorely mistaken. My heels nearly took ME out, you guys!)). Anyway, while I was stuck there, a handsome/nebbish Jonathan Safran Foer type helped me out of the grate and we talked for a block and a half until he got into the TKTS line. So, that was kind of an awesome New York romantic comedy moment I owe to heels.

Flats don't usually lead to these kind of romantic situations. However, they CAN lead to long walks in cool cities where you aren't in a constant state of pain, and comfort at work.

I own four pairs of London Soles, and they are the best flats ever. Weirdly, flats can be very, very uncomfortable too, if you're not careful. You should always check that they have enough support so they don't hurt your arches. Also, flats get dirtier than heels because they're closer to the ground, so you need to get a sturdy leather that can be cleaned.

They're pricey, from $125 to $245, but honestly you will wear them everyday, with any kind of outfit. Remember those old ads on TV for those heels that they said were as comfortable as a pair of sneakers? And then you went to the store and they were a)not as comfortable as sneakers and b) resembled old ugly nun shoes? Well, London soles are actually as comfortable as sneakers and ugly nun shoes but come in the best, most fashionable styles.

I urge all women to own at least their basic black ballet flat. Do it! People will be so envious when they see you take off your shoes for airport security. They'll be all: Now I have airport INSECURITY about MY OWN SHOES.
Also, the online sale section is sick.

Good for: Girls and women who need weekday shoes but hate anything practical.